a community economy designed to

Pay it forward.

Use $KARMA to recognize awesome people doing awesome things.

By just inviting a bot.

How it works

Understanding the Karmic Flow



is continuously issued and distributed creating a persistent flow of $KARMA.


$KARMA holders

influence that flow, directing it towards  people doing awesome things.


Recipients of $KARMA

can either pay it forward by holding, or sell out.

Spread good energy. Pay it forward!

Do good things because they are good.
A gift economy thrives when people give without expectation.
$KARMA is a community currency but it is not intended to be used as a traditional store of value, unit of account, or medium of exchange. Instead $KARMA aims to operate on the principles of a gift economy, where actions are taken without explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards.

Participants in the $KARMA economy are encouraged to do awesome things because they are awesome, and also to tip and direct $KARMA flow towards positive sum interactions that they observe and appreciate, rather than pre-negotiate, barter, or trade for goods or services.
Influence the flow
$KARMA is constantly flowing, but where does it go?
$KARMA is continuously issued, with the total supply doubling approximately every year. High issuance ensures that $KARMA is constantly flowing, and this flow is directed by actively engaged $KARMA holders using a mechanism called Conviction Voting. This process allows $KARMA holders to influence but not control the flow of new $KARMA in a continuous process and without requiring majority consensus.

Conviction voting was designed by the brilliant people at Commons Stack and Block Science. $KARMA uses an open source implementation of conviction voting developed by 1Hive on Aragon.
Accumulating $KARMA is its own reward
When you hold $KARMA you are supporting positive sum relationships.
$KARMA is a currency and may be thought of as financial capital, but in practice it is probably better understood as social capital. It’s intended to flow and create human connections and foster positive sum relationships.

As a result, choosing to hold $KARMA can open doors and serve as social proof. As the price of $KARMA rises or falls you may be tempted to sell it... but choosing not to amplifies community value. If you are a $KARMA 🐳 then you are supporting the $KARMA community just by holding.

Help bootstrap the Karma Economy

$KARMA is close to launch.

Join the Telegram group and be part of the initial $KARMA distribution.
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